Why Vintage & What To Expect

Vintage pieces will forever hold a place in our nostalgic hearts. 

From period romances to the history of fashion and retro toys, it all sparks joy and a whisper of longing for times gone by.

With sustainability on the mind of the emerging generations, vintage pieces offer a small solution to fast fashion and the cycle of constant consuming and dumping. We can re-use these beautiful pieces, infusing them with life again.

What to Expect?

Some of our pieces are kept exactly as they are. There may be slight imperfections, but that's part of their charm. We do our best to source pieces that aren't egregiously flawed.

Some pieces we intentionally alter to modernize their silhouette and re-energize them for our current fashion landscape. We keep the integrity of the garment, but alter it so that they'll be worn and not kept in the back of a closet or find its way to the trash.

These pieces are final sale, and it's our hope that they'll stay with you for a long time.