The Ins & Outs Of Our Made To Order Pieces

What's up with made to order fashion?

You may have noticed we have a few *Made to Order* tagged pieces in our shop, and we want to clarify exactly what that means.

These pieces are graphically designed in house, and printed on pre-chosen garments that we sample, touch, and approve of before offering.

These garments are most often sweatshirts and t-shirts in easily recognizable brands such as Gildan & Bella + Canvas. Our favorites have been a bikini and reversible bucket hat that we designed for.

So what happens when you order one of these pieces?

Your order is looked over and then sent to one of our production partners, both domestic and worldwide, depending on where you're located. They're pulled, printed, packed, and shipped from there.

When they arrive to you, they won't have the pretty packaging like the rest of our items do *cries in gingham*, but the piece will arrive safe and sound.

Why do we offer these?

Sometimes, there's simply nothing else out there that captures what we want to say with fashion. Whether it's a micro trend, historical art, or something whimsical, we want to create something new. (And hope you love it too)

It will take longer to get to you than ready to ship items, but a little wait can build anticipation. At least, that's what I tell my tiny humans. ;)