How To Find Your Perfect Fit Online

Online shopping can be stressful.

Trying to figure out the fit from shop to shop, wondering what something might look like on you... we get it.

We also know you don't have time to go into a store every single time you want to grab something to add to your wardrobe, so here are some best practices to help you find the perfect pieces for you.

First off, get off the scale. We all carry weight differently, and it won't help you figure out your fit.

What to do instead? Grab a soft, sewing tape measure. Don't have one? Grab a piece of string/ribbon and a regular ruler. Use the string to wrap around and lie it flat, using your ruler to measure its length.

Now it's time to measure some key parts of your body to determine where you lie on size charts. Check out the infographic below for some helpful tips. 

Areas you may want to measure? Bust, natural waist, and hips are the most common. Inseam may be helpful for items like pants. It's also great to know how long your legs are, so you can figure out where you love dresses and shorts to hit.

A lot of brands have size charts! USE them. I know it sounds straightforward, but each brand has a different fit model that they base their sizes off of. An actual human that tries on their clothes. That model can change, too! So, make sure you're checking out their chart. 

Being a Woman is wild sometimes, right?

On all of our product pages, we give size recommendations to help guide you towards the perfect fit. Have questions? Head to our contact page or DM us on Instagram - @ShirtsNSkinsShop. We LOVE helping you.

Here's a disclaimer: There's no replacement for the legwork of trying different silhouettes on your body and knowing yourself. 

It's a pain in the ass to have to get under fluorescent lighting, barefoot, in foist on clothes in a semi-public situation, but a trip or two to a shop with a wide range of pieces can help you figure out what feels great on you.

The more you know what works for you, the easier online shopping becomes. Your instincts will sharpen, and the less you'll be pulled to purchase something simply because it's trendy.

You've got this.